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Tiny, Tiny Porpoise

Photo from courtesy of Barb Taylor

Photo from courtesy of Barb Taylor

Look at this porpoise. It is so tiny. Even its name – vaquita – means little cow. I bet you didn’t even know this guy existed.

Although, really, it’s not your fault. They’re very rare and are actually the most critically endangered of all the cetaceans (an order that includes whales and dolphins). Vaquitas are only found in the northern bay of the Gulf of California, near where the Colorado River empties out into the sea. The water there is pretty murky and these guys are hard to spot, so there’s not a lot known about them. They weren’t even officially discovered until 1958.

And when I say they’re very rare I mean they’re very rare. As few as 150 of them may be left in the wild.

Check out to learn more about these guys!

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