Abissi: Wine from the Depths

03 Sep

Hi guys. So I just moved into a new house (yay), but, unfortunately, it does not have internet yet (boo). There will be an update today, but expect it to be short since this really crimps my research. Just thought I’d let you know.

Edit: Here we go! So wine’s been around forever, yeah? It’s been developed in the nation of Georgia since about 6000 BC and pretty easily spread throughout Europe and beyond. Like any widespread consumer good, wine has developed a complicated classification system and in particular a unique following.

I only have a tentative grasp on the thousands of subtle qualities that make or break great wine, but one in particular I know of is called terroir. Terroir, based off the French word for land, refers to the blend of soil, sun, and farming techniques that goes into growing grapes. In some contexts it’s almost spoken of like a genius loci, a spiritual essence. I’ve even heard that a well trained sommelier can even tell the direction of the slope of the hill that the grapes were grown on, just by tasting the wine.

Well, according to this article, perhaps we should add a new quality to the wine, mer. Piero Lugano has developed a unique way to age his wine. Ideally maturing wines should be kept at a constant temperature while fermenting and far away from light. They should also be rotated or rocked back and forth occasionally to keep sediments from building up. This is normally accomplished by a deep cellar and a watchful caretaker. But Lugano doesn’t use either. He keeps his wine underwater.

I won’t spoil the specifics, but I highly recommend reading up on this wine (which Lugano calls Abissi). I’m not a connoisseur by any means, but I certainly would be interested in taking a taste for myself.

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